Clean, Ethical & Sustainability


Beauty is forever changing and evolving. We know that superior craftsmanship products are no longer enough in the beauty world. We as a brand must also take a stand of change. From the way we do business, sourcing clean ingredients and our impact on the environment, because our world is precious and we must protect it at all costs. Providing products available to everyone,, because we’re only as good as we are inclusive. It’s worth taking business risks to do not only what's right, but what's fair to each other and the world around us. That’s why as a beauty brand, we are committed to evolve, improve and strive to always do better.


We are focused on only making the most ethical choices when it comes to our products and industry partners. Our products are cruelty free, as we believe not animal should suffer and we endeavor to only sell to countries who support this stance. We are committed to only working with suppliers who pass our sourcing, production, procurement and ethical compliance standards.


We know that every little bit counts to protect our environment, we are focused on making the most sustainable choices for our products and shipping materials. Wherever possible, we use post-consumer, biodegradable, recycled materials and minimal plastic. We are actively engaging resources to incorporate even more earth friendly choices with all our packaging. We know we aren’t perfect and can do better, we are committed to partnering with other industry leaders in sustainability to create a better, cleaner, and more ethical standards within our company.