Product Info and Care Instructions


Please keep your makeup products and makeup storage out of direct sunlight and avoid dropping the products to prevent damage.



  • Wash your brushes before use. This will ensure there is no residue on the bristles from manufacturing.
  • Wash your brushes with a makeup brush cleanser, or with a gentle shampoo.
  • It is ESSENTIAL that you do not submerge the ferrule (the part that holds the brush hairs to the handle) or handle under water. Water will disintegrate the glue, and it may result in the brush shedding hair or falling out.
  • Do not use very hot water as this can damage the bristles and can melt the glue over time. 
  • When drying your brushes, dry the brushes upside down with the hair facing down or angle the brush so the water runs down out through the brush hair end, this will ensure no water runs into the ferrule.
  • Do not use your brushes until they are completely dry. 
  • Wash your brushes regularly to minimise bacteria and the longevity of the brushes. 



Allergy Disclaimer

There is a small amount of latex in the glue holding the lashes into the tray. Please remove all of the glue before use, eye makeup remover can easily remove the latex. Once latex glue is removed you can apply with a Latex-Free glue of your discretion.

Removing Lash from Packaging

Please remove the lashes gently from the tray to avoid damaging the band.
We recommend using the side of your thumb parallel to the lash band and gently applying pressure in a downward motion to remove the lash from each tray.

Customizing your Lash

Before application of glue, its recommended that you measure the lash against your eye. If required, lashes can be cut to size by cutting the outer part of the lash, so not to damage the style of lash. 

Longevity of our reusable Lashes

Our lashes can be used more than one time. It is common to get 15-20 wears out of each lash if it is cared for carefully. Remove your false lashes with makeup remover and a cotton tip, and carefully remove the glue residue off the lash band. Sanitise the lash with rubbing alcohol to remove bacteria and return the lashes to their box, ready to use again! Allow to dry.



  • We recommend washing the sponge after each use. Pour some makeup brush cleaner or gentle shampoo in to a small bowl, add cold water and submerge your sponge.
  • Gently squeeze the sponge repeatedly in the cleaning solution. Work the cleaning solution in until you get a lather, and rinse under cold running water. Keep repeating until sponge is clean and continue to rinse sponge until water runs clear with no suds remaining.
  • Gently squeeze excess water out of the sponge and set aside on a clean towel to dry.
  • Please make sure you store and dry your sponge in a well ventilated, dry area, ready to use again.
  • We recommend replacing your sponge every 2-3 months.
  • Avoid twisting the sponge or pressing your nails in to to the sponge when using and cleaning to avoid tears and rips.