ULTRA PRO CURL Luxe Individuals | 240pcs

$ 50.00

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Beautiful, full single lashes in “ULTRA PRO CURL” have been designed to create a more fuller and fluffier lash, with more curl. Made out of the highest quality silk, each cluster has a flat base that blends seamlessly with your natural lash line.

These lashes have been created for our visionary makeup artists who love to create there own style,  keeping it soft ‘n’ natural to effortless glam, they are also great for stacking.

Our luxe individual lashes are a must-have addition in your makeup kit. 

  • D curl 30D/0.07mm thickness
  • seamless flat base (zero glue residue)
  • contains 240 pieces
  • ultra lightweight
  • 100% handcrafted silk
  • 100% cruelty-free